There’s a lot of fear and anxiety floating around  in the corporate world right now. Fear of losing your job to layoffs, anxiety about office norms and expectations being constantly in flux, and most recently – fear of a possible pending recession and how that might impact your employment status.

Of course that’s anxiety inducing! Just the whisper of the word recession is enough to tear a giant hole in the illusion of stability that so many of us tie to our jobs.

The best advice I can give as a career and leadership coach is to take steps NOW to recession proof your career through professional development.

I am not saying that taking a few LinkedIn courses means you’re guaranteed a job come 2023. But if you focus on the ideas below you’ll know you’ve done everything you can to be indispensable.

Areas of focus to recession proof your career:

  • Deliver your role with excellence. Pretty obvious – but still!

  • Revisit the job description of your role and of the role you next aspire to. Make sure you’re meeting all of the aspects of your role, not just the ones your team prioritizes.

  • Get help to create an action plan designed around measurable integration of any feedback you’ve received about your performance, presence and relationship building skills. Also take an honest self assessment of areas of weakness that you could set mini goals around.

  • Make a point to connect in a genuine manner for cross-collaboration. Be generous with your time and expertise when possible.

  • TRACK YOUR SUCCESSES. Seriously. Take note of milestones you reach, projects you complete, positive feedback and even powerful conversations/scenarios you’ve tackled.

  • Invest in your career. If you’re curious how leadership coaching can help you do allllll of these and more, click here to apply for a free call to discuss! A powerful leadership coach can help you reach these goals more quickly than you would on your own, and with more insight and strategy.

  • Always be looking to the future. Challenge yourself to think three steps ahead of everyone and have clear goals and a strategy to positively move the most important KPIs for the coming quarters.

  • Ask for opportunities and insight. You don’t need to volunteer for every side project, but do propose one that is valuable to the company and aligns with your interests and long term career goals.

I hope that this post inspires you to take your career into your own hands and make an effort to stand out for your excellence.

If you need support developing a plan to recession-proof your career, click here to discuss with me directly.